Obsidian’s Project Eternity passes $2.0 million USD mark

26 Sep 2012 by Peter Parrish
Obsidian’s Project Eternity passes $2.0 million USD mark

Some form of player housing will be present and correct in ’s ‘ when it sees release some time in 2014, as the campaign has now surpassed that $2.0 million USD ‘stretch goal’. The project is now making steady progress towards the next milestone, at $2.2 million USD, which will trigger a Linux version of the game along with Spanish, German and French translations.

Since $2.2 million USD was previously the final stretch goal to be announced, Obsidian has had to think up a few more. The first of these will be at $2.3 million USD (and with another 20 days to go, it’s reasonable to expect this will be reached) and involves specific and customisable game modes.

At that funding point, players can expect options like ‘Expert Mode’ that will “disable all of the common ease-of-use / in-case-you-missed it gameplay elements like the display of skill thresholds, influence/reputation modifiers, and similar “helper” information” as well as make most of the gameplay mechanics more punitive. Also on the cards are ‘Trial of Iron’ mode (perma-death) and ‘Path of the Damned’ (making combat trickier).

In Josh Sawyer’s latest video update, he explains that the idea is for the player to be able to toggle precisely which difficulty options he or she wants on, and mix and match various facets of each if desired.

Source: Obsidian Kickstarter

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