Obsidian’s ‘Project Eternity’ funded within two days

15 Sep 2012 by Peter Parrish
Obsidian’s ‘Project Eternity’ funded within two days

How do you raise $1.1 million USD in just over 24 hours? You say you’ll make a new role-playing game along the lines of classic Infinity Engine titles. Oh, and your name has to be . If the last day-and-a-bit has proved anything, it’s that there are an awful lot of people out there eager for an isometric-style with ’s trademark writing and world design talents attached.

$1.1 million USD seemed like a somewhat ambitious goal when the project was revealed on Friday, but after seeing pledges flood in from all over the place it’s likely to be dwarfed by the final tally in 31 days time.

More than 28,000 backers have donated (at the time of writing), $1.145,000 USD towards the project.

An update from the developers, complete with ‘stretch goals’ is likely to appear in the coming hours. If you’re interested in the project, there’s still plenty of time left to pitch in.

Source: Obsidian Kickstarter

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