Analysts say Mists of Pandaria sales performance disappointing

28 Sep 2012 by Paul Younger
Analysts say Mists of Pandaria sales performance disappointing

It’s only been out a few days but initial sales figures are said to be disappointing according to investment bank Lazard Capital Market. Figures suggest that Mists of Pandaria has sold between 600,00 and 700,000 since it hit retail earlier this week, down 60% on previous expansion packs.

Digital sales have not been taken into account but Lazard analyst Atul Bagga states that digital sales will not boost sales siginificantly to make up for the disappointing retail numbers.

With increasing competition in the MMO space with the launch of titles  such as Guild Wars 2, the fact that WoW looks past its sell by date and the introduction of the pandas which does not appeal to everyone, this expansion may not be enough to halt the game’s decline.

With having lost around 1 million subscribers in the last quarter prior to the expansion launch, and these latest sales figures not looking great, should be concerned.

Source: Venturebeat

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