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Hitman Absolution’s ‘Contracts’ mode explained in 18 minutes [Video]

28 Sep 2012 by Peter Parrish
Hitman Absolution’s ‘Contracts’ mode explained in 18 minutes [Video]

‘Contracts’ mode may have seemed a little confusing when it was first announced for , and text didn’t necessarily seem to be the best way to put the concept across. Handily, I/O Interactive has now released a playthrough video that should explain, and visually demonstrate, most aspects of the asynchronous multiplayer challenge mode.

Essentially, to make a contract you play through any level of the game and select upwards of three targets. The manner in which you take each target down (the disguise you use, whether you were seen and so on) is recorded and becomes the contract. Anyone playing ‘your’ contract needs to match (or improve upon, I’d imagine) the methods you used to off the target, with points (in the form of in-game cash) being awarded accordingly.

In the video, a contract to kill the Police Sergeant from the library level without being seen is played through. Then, a new contract is set up on the same level (albeit a different part). Finally, that newly-created contract is played.

All 18 minutes are below. Hitman Absolution will be released in November for PS3, Xbox 360 and .

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