‘Grifball’ will be an official multiplayer mode in Halo 4

4 Sep 2012 by Peter Parrish
‘Grifball’ will be an official multiplayer mode in Halo 4

Community-created future sport ‘’ will have its own official multiplayer mode in , according to developer . The team-based sport will make the step up from its beginnings as a mod when the game is released worldwide on 6 November this year.

In Grifball, two teams compete over a grenade-like ball and have to carry said ball to their opponents goal. That is, without being intercepted by someone wielding either a massive hammer (which runs the risk of sending the ball flying, but has a lovely long reach) or a closer quarters energy sword.

Oh yes, and the ball sometimes explodes.

This old episode of Red vs Blue should make matters perfectly clear.

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