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Forza Horizon’s season pass costs almost as much as the game itself

25 Sep 2012 by Peter Parrish
Forza Horizon’s season pass costs almost as much as the game itself
Forza Horizon

Things are starting to get a little out of hand with ‘season passes’ (look, can we just call them what they are: pre-paid DLC bundles). Playground Games has provided some information about the bundle for , and it’s set to cost $50 USD (or 4,000 MS Points).

Hm. That’s close to the price of the entire game (presuming a retail price of around $60 USD).

For that $50 USD, you’ll get six car packs (with six cars each, for a total of 36), an “expansion pack” (what’s in this hasn’t yet been detailed), five exclusive vehicles and some sort of ‘launch day’ pack.

Sure, that’s a lot of cars, and I know the line between ‘intentionally pulled from the game to sell later’ and ‘developed while the main game is going through the publishing process’ is a narrow one. But surely a fair old chunk of this stuff should’ve been in the base title? Shouldn’t it? I mean, it really seems like it should.

The ‘season pass’ will be available from 23 October, the same day as the game itself.

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