Blade & Soul confirmed for western gamers

13 Sep 2012 by Paul Younger
Blade & Soul confirmed for western gamersBlade & Soul

NCSoft’s Blade and Soul has been hugely popular in Korea since in launched a few months ago and today NCSoft has confirmed that the game is being reworked for the western market.

Developed by Team Bloodlust, it’s an asian martial arts fantasy MMO which fuses martial arts action with the MMO model promising over the top martial arts moves coupled with a strong art style created by renowned artist Hyung-Tae Kim who is popular in manga circles.

There has been no release date set for the game as yet as work continues on making the changes to appeal to our western tastes.

To illustrate how popular the game has become in Korea, it managed to keep Diablo 3 off the top most played games lists in Korean cyber cafes. However, it may be popular in Korea but the art style may not appeal to everyone this side of the globe.

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