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Archive for 28 September 2012

Choose your fate in this XCOM: Enemy Unknown interactive video

The magic of youtube makes such things as ‘interactive trailers’ possible.

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Rocksmith finally serenades PCs in October

It’s taken a fair old while for Ubisoft’s guitar learning and training tool Rocksmith to make it to PCs (hell, it came out on Xbox 360 and PS3 in the US last year), but October is the month when prospective string-botherers can give it a go.

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Hitman Absolution’s ‘Contracts’ mode explained in 18 minutes [Video]

‘Contracts’ mode may have seemed a little confusing when it was first announced for Hitman Absolution, and text didn’t necessarily seem to be the best way to put the concept across.

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Total War: Shogun 2 gets ‘Assembly Kit’ and full Steam Workshop support

As well as holding a Steam sale event for the series, Creative Assembly seem to be building some sturdy bridges with their modding community.

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Very Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise has day zero DLC [Video]

I think if I were a developer trying to reinvigorate a series that was pretty poorly received the first time around, I’d probably try to avoid the impression that I was attempting to sell you extra bits of the game before the main part had even been released.

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Aventurine shares more Darkfall Unholy Wars images

If you’re looking for the lowdown on Aventurine’s follow-up to the Player-vs-Player heavy MMO Darkfall, then you should have a read of yesterday’s news post.

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Cut the crop: It’s Farming Simulator 2013 [Video]

One thing you won’t be short of in Farming Simulator 2013 is tractors and combines.

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Taleworlds is working on Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

The tremendous medieval-style RPG sandbox that is Mount & Blade (and latterly Warband) is getting a full sequel, according to an announcement today by developer Taleworlds.

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DayZ creator on The War Z: “What they’re doing is not cool”

The console version of DayZ looks as though it will be released this year, at least in alpha form.

28 Sep 2012 | 2

Xbox Gamerscore is now worth real money… a little bit of real money

If you’ve been hard at work building up that Xbox Gamerscore then you’ll be excited to hear that your points are now worth something other than the minuscule amount of kudos it has garnered from your friends.

28 Sep 2012 | 1

Analysts say Mists of Pandaria sales performance disappointing

It’s only been out a few days but initial sales figures are said to be disappointing according to investment bank Lazard Capital Market.

28 Sep 2012 | 8

Pre-order Football Manager 2013 and start playing two weeks early

Those that decide to pre-order Football Manager 2013 will be able to play the game two weeks early, Sega has explained.

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Total War sales bonanza on Steam this weekend

Sega has kicked off a “Total War Weekend” on Steam, with the entire series available for 25 per cent off the usual price.

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Halo 4 [Preview] – Can 343 Master the Chief?

Halo’s new craftsman, 343 Industries, is playing a bit of a no-win game.

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