Ubisoft triples down on free-to-play browser games [Video]

15 Aug 2012 by Peter Parrish
Ubisoft triples down on free-to-play browser games [Video]

For a lot of people, Ubisoft’s Gamescom 2012 press event was a bit of a damp squib. But if you were waiting for a rush of Ubisoft games being turned into free-to-play online titles, this conference was an absolute gold mine. The Anno, Silent Hunter and Might & Magic Heroes series’ all had browser games announced.

Here’s what is going to look like (and you can sign up for the game here).

And here’s what has in store:

Finally, :

It’s a good job there are an infinite number of players out there prepared to play and spend on ‘free’ to play games, otherwise all this chasing of the browser game dollar might create a dangerous economic bubble, or something.

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