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Ubisoft games going cheap on Uplay digital store

Ubisoft is having a fire sale to entice you into downloading the Uplay digital distribution platform on your PC. It’s pretty much the same old Uplay as before (potential security risks and all), but now it has a store in addition to its various community functions and DRM barriers.

Running from today until Sunday (19 August), you’ll be able to pick up a few cheap games on the service. Today’s offers include HAWX 2 for £1 and Anno 2070 at 60% off. Friday will see the last three Assassin’s Creed titles at 75% off. On Saturday you can pick up Silent Hunter 5 for a quid and Might & Magic: Heroes VI at 70% off. Finally, Sunday’s sale will reduce Driver: San Francisco to one British pound.

If you think it’s worth it, you can download Uplay here. If you already own a Ubisoft game that uses the system, it’ll just update itself to incorporate the shop.

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