Torchlight 2: IncGamers Opens

29 Aug 2012 by Paul Younger
Torchlight 2: IncGamers OpensTorchlight 2 Logo

We would like to welcome a new community to the IncGamers family today, Torchlight: IncGamers. If you have been following our Diablo coverage over the past 15 years then you’ll know that we have always been keeping a keen eye on what the original Diablo dev team have been up to, posting articles and interviews on Diablo: IncGamers with the developers.

With the release date about to drop, we have now pushed our newest community site live. If you are going to be following and playing , then make sure you head over to the new site for all the news and info on Runic Games’ ARPG.

In related news, the new site now utilises our global login system which means all new communities such as Torchligfht 2, World of War and the new IncGamers forums¬†share accounts. This will apply to all IncGamers’ ¬†communities moving forward.

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