Insomniac’s Overstrike may now be ‘Fuse’

31 Aug 2012  by   Peter Parrish
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Think back through the mists of time to June 2011, when Insomniac Games showed off a trailer at E3 for a game called Overstrike. It appeared to be a four-player shooter with an offbeat sense of humour and a healthy dose of self-awareness, but nothing else was really heard about the title.

Well, a newly released screenshot (above) and a lengthy countdown on an Insomniac site called ‘Fuse Game’ have sparked theories that Overstrike has been reworked as Fuse. No doubt 12 September (when the countdown actually concludes) will reveal more details, but for now there’s no much to go on aside from the vague resemblance of the guy in the Fuse image to the main chap from the old Overstrike trailer.

Oh, and Game Informer seem pretty sure about the name-change as well.

You’ll already have seen the screenshot above, but if you want to remember how Overstrike looked back in 2011 the trailer is below.

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