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Hybrid launch afflicted by Microsoft server issues

8 Aug 2012 by Peter Parrish
Hybrid launch afflicted by Microsoft server issues

, the latest ‘’ release on Xbox Live, is suffering from a few launch-day issues. The servers for this multiplayer-only title are currently up and down while Microsoft (who host said servers) seek to fix a problem that was preventing connections to online play. At the time of writing, Hybrid has been temporarily pulled from the Xbox 360 marketplace.

A post from developer ’s Jeremiah Slaczka on the official Hybrid forums states that “We are working with Microsoft to fix these server issues. Many people from both 5TH Cell and MS are working together to sort the problem out.” He adds that this will “take time” and apologises for the inconvenience.

Twitter posts from 5th Cell’s account note that servers “will be up and down throughout the repair process”. The same twitter feed also notes that “We have identified a problem and are currently finding a solution.”

For anybody who’s wanting to play right now: I feel your pain. I’m supposed to be reviewing this.

If you’re unaware what Hybrid is, here’s the video summary.

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