GRID 2 will push “today’s best PC’s”, says Codemasters

31 Aug 2012 by John Robertson
GRID 2 will push “today’s best PC’s”, says Codemasters

After too many years of waiting in darkness, more details are starting to arrive about the secret-but-not-so-secret .

is moving to assure us that we can expect a game that pushes today’s “best” hardware as the team try to find new ways to squeeze every drop of power from the machines.

Lead programmer Gary Buckley believes that the game’s PC engine will test your set-up:

The PC version of our engine has high-end options that push today’s best PC’s and is regularly used by benchmarking sites to stress test new kit. We work closely with the hardware vendors to try to get as much as we can from their cards and it’s a good idea of what the engine can do given the right hardware.”

Associate producer Toby Evans-Jones adds that the hard work put into the engine is all about delivering a top-notch “on-track” experience:

“Putting everything else aside for a moment, the single most important area within GRID 2 is the player’s experience when on-track, driving some of the most iconic, aspirational vehicles that the world has to offer.

“Delivering a handling model to the player which feels authentic, exciting, occasionally scary and massively rewarding has been the goal. To enable us to deliver this the TrueFeel handling model has been developed, which breaks the model down to three core values.”

Source: VG247

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