Gotham City Imposters PC goes free-to-play

31 Aug 2012 by John Robertson
Gotham City Imposters PC goes free-to-play

Team vs. Team Joker shooter has gone free-to-play on , setting up another example of early adopters inevitably getting pissed off that they bothered to pay.

Seeing as . are keeping silent on the price change (no mention of it on the game’s website), it seems as though they’re trying to keep the news as quiet at possible. Odd.

Costume, items and weapon packs are available for between $1 and $5. We’ve not had the chance to test the free portion of the game for ourselves yet, so we can’t comment on the packs’ respective value for money.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions are of the are NOT free-to-play.

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