Firefly to crowd-fund Stronghold: Crusader 2

30 Aug 2012 by Peter Parrish
Firefly to crowd-fund Stronghold: Crusader 2

It may be time to return to your fortress walls, as announces its intent to develop , the follow-up to one of its best-loved titles. Rather than taking the well-worn Kickstarter route, Firefly will be launching its project on the ‘Gambitious’ platform at the end of September.

is described as a “combination of the donation based pre-sale model with an equity-based model” and should allow “more serious games investors to become equity partners, giving them a piece of the pie in the projects they decide to support”.

Crusader 2 will follow the model laid down by the original, but promises a “tightly reworked interface”, better graphics and “new troops, new traps, new castle buildings and a host of fiendish new AI opponents” (you can see a couple of the troop concept art pieces in the images below).

The release of Stronghold: Crusader 2 is planned for next year.


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