Cyberpunk ‘memory remixing’ in Capcom’s Remember Me [Video]

14 Aug 2012 by Peter Parrish
Cyberpunk ‘memory remixing’ in Capcom’s Remember Me [Video]

Do you recall ’s from Gamescom 2011? No, neither do I. Which is a touch on the ironic side, because now that it’s been picked up by and renamed . It’s also looking rather interesting. In a Deus Ex-meets-Assassin’s Creed kind of way.

You’ll play as former ‘memory hunter’ Nilin, who’s had her own memories wiped and now spends her time in the Neo-Paris of 2084. She now seems to be employed as a pseudo-assassin, who can hack into people’s minds and ‘remix’ their memories to manipulate them in various sinister ways. Nilin gives Ezio a run for his money in the climbing stakes, too.

Remember Me is due in May 2013 for , Xbox 360 and PS3. Give the seven minute gameplay video a look, below. It’s quite tasty.

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