Cloud storage limit on PlayStation Plus will soon be 1gig

14 Aug 2012  by   Peter Parrish
PlayStation Plus
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Sony has plans to increase the cloud storage limit on PlayStation Plus from 150mb to a rather more impressive 1 gig, the company announced today at its Gamescom press event. The PS Plus cloud allows players to save games to external servers, rather than their own hard drive. This saves space on the drive and allows the saved games to be accessed from any PlayStation 3 (so you can log in at a friends house and play on from your saved point).

Expanding the storage to 1 gig pretty much guarantees that you’ll never run out of saved game space there. Until saved game files substantially increase in size, anyway.

Sony also mentioned in passing that PlayStation Plus would be coming to the PS Vita, but didn’t elaborate much further. No doubt further details of this plan will emerge at a later date,

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