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Charles Leavitt’s World of Warcraft movie script could get production moving

3 Aug 2012 by Paul Younger
Charles Leavitt’s World of Warcraft movie script could get production movingWorld of Warcraft Logo

The may be without a director after Sam Raimi revealed he was no longer working on the project, but the movie may not have completely stalled. According to Variety, a script from   for the project has got quite excited.

Charles Leavitt has penned scripts for movies such as the upcoming ‘The Seventh Son’ as well as ‘Blood Diamond’, ‘The Mighty’ and ‘K-PAX’.

The WoW movie has been in limbo for years, and when asked about ’s support for the movie, Activision CEO Bobby Kotik told Variety: “it’s important to , it’s important to me. They’re very excited about having a ‘World of Warcraft’ film. They’ve been very careful and thoughtful about the development process.”

If the script fits then it could push Legendary to find a new director, but it will have to be passed by Blizzard. That could be a stumbling block, Blizzard will want as much control as possible over the movie.

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