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Byzantine buff: Crusader Kings II expands with Legacy of Rome

28 Aug 2012 by Peter Parrish
Byzantine buff: Crusader Kings II expands with Legacy of Rome

For some reason, the Byzantine Empire always proves popular with fans of Paradox titles. Maybe they’re all holding a candle for the Romans, or perhaps they just really love being schemed against. Either way, the announcement of a Byzantine-centric ‘’ expansion for Crusader Kings II should set some hearts aflutter.

In this add-on, those resentful vassals will be getting smarter. Expect them to bud off into factions and then unite together against your rule (the bastards). Selecting generals to lead your armies will be more important too, with the introduction of ‘leader focus’. Make sure you appoint someone who actually likes you (and isn’t just pretending to like you so he can be promoted and then assassinate you).

There’ll be greater control over where you levy revenue from, and the ability to appoint your own Orthodox Patriarch to keep control over the religious side of things. Plus a hatful of Byzantine-themed events and edicts.

‘Legacy of Rome’ is scheduled for the end of this year and will cost $10 USD.

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