Blacklight devs working on Special Forces: Team X

21 Aug 2012 by Peter Parrish
Blacklight devs working on Special Forces: Team X

Tim had a decent time playing : Retribution, so there’s a reasonable chance that can rework that magic for a downloadable third-person shooter. This time there’s no suggestion that will be free-to-play (like Retribution), but nor is there anything in the announcement to rule that out.

The “team-centric” game looks a little like Borderlands with its cel-shading approach, but don’t say that too loudly or people might get upset. Interestingly, Team X is boasting a “tile-based” map system that promises hundreds of unique arena combinations.

It’s due in Autumn for the . Oh, and the full game won’t have the amusing ‘censorship’ bars shown in the trailer below. In case you were worried.

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