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Archive for 28 August 2012

The Walking Dead Episode 3 out today on PS3, 360/PC/Mac tomorrow

Episode three (Long Road Ahead) of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead is out today on PlayStation 3, via PlayStation Network.

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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition [Review] – Victory achieved

My sins must be heard: I have not finished Dark Souls.

28 Aug 2012 | 18

Another 24 hours in Guild Wars 2 [Feature] – World vs. World

I spent the first three hours creating my character.
That’s not an exaggeration: the first time I logged into Guild Wars 2, I was so overwhelmed by options I alt-tabbed to Skype and cried.

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Hawken gets Oculus Rift Support

The latst game to get the Oculus VR treatment is the upcoming online action Mech title Hawken by Adhesive Games. 

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