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Archive for 3 August 2012

Gaze at the red landscape of Mars through your Xbox 360

Nasa’s ‘Curiosity’ space robot will (if everything goes according to plan) be landing on Mars over the weekend.

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Ada Wong in Resident Evil 6 action [Video]

Along with ‘Agent Hunt‘ mode, the big Resident Evil 6 news of the week was that Ada Wong would have her own solo campaign in the game (unlocked after finishing the title with its other three characters).

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EA alleges Sims Social plagiarism in Zynga lawsuit

It’s not been the best of weeks for Zynga. First their stock tumbled to around $3 USD per share from a high of $10 USD, and then an insider trading class action lawsuit was brought against CEO Mark Pincus and several other company executives.

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Planetside 2 beta aims to open this Monday

Ok, yes, you might be having a slight feeling of deja vu over this story.

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Carmack: Rage’s PC release “inexcusable”

Id’s John Carmack dedicated a little time in his QuakeCon keynote speech to apologise to PC users for the shambles surrounding Rage’s release on the platform.

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Third City of Steam Alpha test weekend brings the goblins

Following the last alpha test weekend a couple of week’s ago, Machinist Games has kicked off their third Alpha test weekend today for City of Steam.  

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Hi-Rez introduce the Egyptian God of War to SMITE

The latest God reveal for Hi-Rez studios SMITE is the Egyptian god of war Anhur.

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Impressive voice cast for Dishonored revealed

Bethesda has revealed a star-studded line-up of actors lending their voice talents to Dishonored with some of the roles being finalised.

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First Rambo videogame shots break cover

If there’s one game that’s recently been announced that that we’re not sure about it’s the new Rambo game.

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Anno 2070 expansion surfaces in October

UbiSoft will be releasing the Anno 2070 Deep Ocean expansion bringing new tech to the strategy series on 4 October.

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Doom 3 BFG edition video shows The Lost Mission

The Doom 3 BFG Edition is a nice compilation pack of Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3, Doom 3: Ressurection Evil and eight all-new levels called the “Lost Mission”.  

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War of the Human Tanks [Preview] – Candy Commandos

War of the Human Tanks is a game in which you are actively encouraged to use young, anime-style girls as suicide bombers.

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Charles Leavitt’s World of Warcraft movie script could get production moving

The World of Warcraft movie may be without a director after Sam Raimi revealed he was no longer working on the project, but the movie may not have completely stalled.

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Pre-order Dishonored and get Arx Fatalis free

With QuakeCon now underway Bethedsa are busy promoting Dishonored and this eveing  announced that if you pre-order the game from Steam you will also be granted a free copy of Arkane Studios’ RPG Arx Fatalis.

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Best quarter ever for Blizzard but World of Warcraft subscribers continue to drop

This evening Activision Blizzard held their 2012 second quarter investor call and it was a mixed bag of for Blizzard.

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