This special Halo 4 console bundle is quite pricey

13 Jul 2012 by Peter Parrish
This special Halo 4 console bundle is quite pricey

Big fan of Master Chief? Need a new 320gb Xbox 360 console in your life? Have $400 USD to spare? If you hit all three of those questions with an emphatic “oh yes, absolutely!” then there’s good news coming your way from .

The newly announced console package has special Halo-themed patterning on the console itself and the two wireless controllers that come with it. Better yet (or, funnier, at least), the console is said to make “custom sounds” when a disc is ejected or when it’s turned on. In addition, you’ll get a copy of and a black Xbox 360 headset thingie.

That version of Halo 4 comes with lots of items prefaced with the word ‘unique’, such as “a unique armor skin, a unique weapon skin, a unique emblem, matching avatar armor and a unique avatar prop”.

The bundle was briefly listed on Microsoft’s store before being taken down. It’ll no doubt reappear in the near future, and certainly before Halo 4 is released in November.

Source: IGN

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