The many faces of Lionel Messi in Fifa 13

23 Jul 2012  by   Peter Parrish
Fifa 13 Messi (4)
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EA Sports’ in-engine technology has now advanced so far that it is possible to see into the minds of the players in Fifa 13, simply by looking at a freeze-frame screenshot of their expression. Join us, as we delve inside the many faces of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.


Messi is pensive. Caught mid-thought, he may be contemplating one of his 73 goals from 2012-2013. “Can I remember all of them?” he ponders, “and did I lock the front door this morning?”


Messi turns. His face is locked in concentration as he brings the ball under his command. So intense is his focus that he appears to have partially morphed into Gary Lineker.


Messi feels playful. “Come back here, you pesky ball” he laughs, overwhelmed by the joy of the game.


Messi’s mood darkens. Shadows play over his visage as images of failure seep into his memory. “I’ll get you this year, Chelsea,” he vows, “and that little dog of yours”.

Fifa 13 is due in late September. It will feature Lionel Messi.

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