The cast of Sleeping Dogs say “lei hao” [Video]

17 Jul 2012 by Peter Parrish
The cast of Sleeping Dogs say “lei hao” [Video]

is promising something in the region of “two hours” of dialogue (if you listened to every part back to back), so naturally you need some actors to say all of those words. In this latest video released by publisher a few of the bigger names attached to the game introduce themselves, and perhaps gush a little too hard over concepts that’ll be fairly familiar to hardened videogame players.

Protagonist Wei Shen will be voiced by Will Yun Lee (Die Another Day), while the ever-reliable Tom Wilkinson (Batman Begins, lots of British stuff) has been brought in to play Shen’s superior officer Police Inspector Pendrew. Edisen Chen, Lucy Liu, James Hong and Emma Stone will all be appearing too.

Watch what they have to say, below.

Sleeping Dogs is coming to , Xbox 360 and PS3 this August.


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