Origin 9.0 will be a “landmark update”, says EA

17 Jul 2012 by John Robertson
Origin 9.0 will be a “landmark update”, says EA

9.0 is due to do public in the next few days, with claiming that it will be a “landmark update” for the digital distribution platform.

Promises for the update include reworked menus and friend lists as well as a more efficient and “smoother” performance by the client as a whole.

Your friends list will appear as a separate box that can be moved and pinned to any area of the screen you would like, and shows which of your friends are online… much in the same way as Steam has allowed for years, it would seem.

The new menus also have a strong resemblance to Steam, with drop-down lists, fleshed-out help/FAQ options, chat and forum options.

An in-game clock will also be added, which will appear in the top right of the screen.

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