New genre invented, Tomb Raider is an “action-survival” game

13 Jul 2012  by   John Robertson
Tomb Raider 2012Tomb Raider 2012

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Crystal Dynamics has invented a new genre with Tomb Raider, apparently. Tomb Raider and Crystal Dynamics global brand manager Karl Stewart has told IncGamers that the game is an “action-survival” title.

The survival elements are kept to the “macro, rather than the micro.”

“We’re still an action-adventure game and we want to be able to say that this is an “action-survival” game; Lara is having to explore and fight but she’s also having to salvage what she can,” said Stewart. “Further into the game she’s having to use certain equipment in a specific way that is in essence survival, but we keep things in the macro, rather than the micro.

“The micro stuff of having to find health packs all the time and find food is not really much fun in a big action-adventure game, so we’ve stayed away from that.

“Survival to us is more about Lara’s personality and the emotions and psychological dramas that she’s going through.”

Check back for our hands-on preview of Tomb Raider early next week. And, yes, we’ve played the bit that people have dubbed the “attempted rape” section.

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