Former EA Canada head hired as THQ production executive

23 Jul 2012  by   John Robertson
THQ Logo
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THQ president Jason Rubin has hired Ron Moravek as the publisher’s executive vice president of production.

Movarek had previously been at EA Canada in an executive role, after working at Relic Entertainment for six years from 1998. A statement from Rubin explains that it is Movarek’s “entrepreneurial experience”, “ability to drive dynamic teams” and his “experience building high-quality products” that lead to THQ deciding he is one of the people suited to helping the publisher steer a course through this rocky period.

“Ron is an exceptional development executive with unique perspective on the industry from both a creative and business point of view,” reads Rubin’s statement.

“His entrepreneurial experience as well as his ability to drive dynamic teams is a great fit for our strategic objectives. Additionally, Ron’s experience building high-quality products will help us continue to deliver great games and build upon our foundation to innovate digitally in the future.”

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