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Finally, you can ride a Minecraft pig in Skyrim

17 Jul 2012 by Peter Parrish
Finally, you can ride a Minecraft pig in Skyrim

People have modded a whole lot of things into , from My Little Ponies to dragons possessed by deceased wrestlers, to more My Little Ponies, and disturbing dungeon sex’n’dismemberment fantasies (sometimes all of the above, combined). As of now, you can add “ability to ride a pig from ” to that list.

A visionary modder (known only to us as “poisu555″) has recently uploaded his “MinerFriends” mod to the , which not only adds a porcine ride but also introduces Mr. Minecraft (otherwise known as Miner Steve) and his house to the realm.

If you apply the mod, you’ll find Steve and some pesky Creepers “near the riverwood”.

Witness the fine imagery from this mod and find a link to where you can download it, below. For a more in-depth read about the Steam Workshop in general, point your eyes at this piece written by Tim.

Source: MinerFriends

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