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Battlefield 4 beta NOT exclusive to Medal of Honor after all

18 Jul 2012 by John Robertson
Battlefield 4 beta NOT exclusive to Medal of Honor after all

Despite what was suggested yesterday, has stated that access to the beta will not be exclusive to those who pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

The statement follows a communication by yesterday, which confirmed that Warfighter pre-orders would include the beta access to Battlefield 4 starting “fall 2013″.

Since then, community manager Ian Tornay has explained:

“There will be other ways to get into the beta aside from Medal of Honor: Warfighter. At this time, however, it is the only way to guarantee entry.”

In addition, Tornay also moved to backup an official DICE statement on the status of Battlefield 3 and fans’ concern that the game would be overlooked by the developer now that Battlefield 4 is in the works.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of concerns about the pacing of release (i.e. “only” two years after BF3). I think it’s worth noting that DICE has released a Battlefield game every two years or sooner AND Mirror’s Edge at least every two years.

“There are several teams at DICE. Starting work on Battlefield 4 does not mean that we will be abandoning Battlefield 3.”

Tornay went on to say that now is the best time to start on Battlefield 4:

“I truly believe that we’re in one of the best positions to be creating our next title – Frostbite 2 has matured, we’ve been gathering fan feedback like crazy, Battlefield 3 continues to expand with features which we can learn from, and we’ve got more data about how people play than ever.”

*Please note that the above image is not the official Battlefield 4 logo.

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