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Archive for 24 July 2012

‘Consoles are dead’ idea amuses Xbox creator

Seamus Blackley, the man who put forward the idea of Microsoft entering the games console market, has expressed his amusement with the idea that the console market is going the way of the Dodo.

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THQ avoid Nasdaq delisting, recovery continues

THQ is going through some rough times right now, but today it has received some much needed good news.

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Dedicated PES studio opening in London, aims to keep series “fresh & exciting”

Konami has officially announced that it will be opening a new studio in London that will be dedicated to keeping the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise “fresh and exciting”.

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Lionhead explains why Project Milo was scrapped and Fable: The Journey was started

Remember Lionhead’s Project Milo? The Kinect project which showed the user interacting with a little boy on screen that was demonstrated during the 2009 Microsoft E3 press conference?

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Final Fantasy Versus 13 has not been cancelled

Last week it was claimed that Square Enix had cancelled Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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