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Wii U’s social ‘MiiVerse’ detailed

5 Jun 2012 by Peter Parrish
Wii U’s social ‘MiiVerse’ detailed

has used its press event to demonstrate the ‘’, a the Wii U’s answer to PlayStation Home or the Xbox Live friends list. It’s an integrated social network where Nintendo Mii avatars will gather around tiles, representing things which are popular or trending on Wii U (see pic above for an example).

You can use the MiiVerse to see or send simple text messages, use the stylus to write messages and do sketches (try to resist drawing dicks). As well as this, you can share images from games you’re playing, display recent activities or use facial expressions to display your current mood.

Because the MiiVerse is browser based, you’ll be able to join and access it from mobile devices and PC; though Reggie Fils-Aime did note that this function may not be available from launch day (whenever that proves to be).

After this, a brief example of integration with the new Wii U Super Mario Bros. U title was shown off. It was demonstrated that players could leave little messages in the game itself, warning of tough sections or bragging about high scores.

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