Ubisoft shows off ShootMania Storm

4 Jun 2012 by Tim McDonald
Ubisoft shows off ShootMania Storm
Shootmania Storm

showed off moddable FPS in spectacular fashion during their E3 conference.

The game was demoed by two teams of three, playing a gametype called Elite Mode, with said teams composed of pro gamers to show off its potential as an eSport.

Elite Mode pits one attacker against three defenders. The attacker is armed with a railgun that kills in one hit, while the defenders have rocket launchers that kill in two hits; victory in each round is awarded to whichever team survives the skirmish, and the roles are swapped each round. To stop things dragging on, there’s also a goal which can be captured to win the round should a timer tick down to zero. First team to win three rounds takes the victory.

It was an excellent showcase, both of the game’s engine (which was fast, fluid, and more than a little reminiscent of Quake 3 Arena in terms of speed and precision) and of the moddability of the game, with players able to create maps like the one shown or gametypes like Elite Mode with relative ease.

ShootMania Storm is due out on sometime this year, with beta applications open now.


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