Tokyo Jungle continues to look insane

5 Jun 2012 by Tim McDonald
Tokyo Jungle continues to look insane

has released some new screenshots from forthcoming animal-‘em-up .

This particular downloadable title lets you pick an animal – ranging from Pomeranian dogs, deer, and chicks, through to elephants, crocodiles, and, um, velociraptors – and attempt to survive in a deserted Tokyo, while trying to find out where all the humans have gone and why they disappeared. To survive, you’ll need to hunt (or eat plants) and find a mate… which will then let you continue playing as your offspring, with each generation getting stronger.

Also, your animals get more powerful when you unlock and wear clothing for them. So yes, it sounds absurd and brilliant, and it has two-player offline co-op so you can marvel at its lunacy with a chum.

It’s out in Japan on 7 June, both as a PlayStation Network download and via disc. While there’s no mention of release in other territories those screens look somewhat localised, and there’s mention of more details on the European PlayStation website. So, here’s hoping.

Check out the new screens below.

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