The Unfinished Swan E3 2012 trailer [Video]

5 Jun 2012 by Tim McDonald
The Unfinished Swan E3 2012 trailer [Video]

Have you seen any footage of Santa Monica’s ? No? Well you should scroll down, then, because it’s looking lovely.

The below trailer shows off the game’s unique mechanics, as you – in the shoes of a 10 year old child – explore a whited-out world you stumble into when chasing a swan that leapt out of one of your mother’s unfinished paintings. How do you see in this whited-out world? Why, by using your PS Move to fling black paint onto things, of course!

It’s intriguing in a storybook way, rather than eerie, and if arty exploration games are up your street then this PS3 title looks like one to keep an eye on.

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