Splinter Cell movie coming soon?

15 Jun 2012 by John Robertson
Splinter Cell movie coming soon?

If reports are to be believed, a movie could be around the corner.

. has apparently been in communication with in a bid to acquire the rights to make the movie, however are also trying to land the license. Both Warner and Paramount have refused to comment publicly.

No matter what, Ubisoft will supposedly be heavily involved in the direction of the movie and is unwilling to compromise on the narrative.

You may have also heard that a new Splinter Cell game is in production, entitled Blacklist. The name is being developed by Ubisoft Toronto and was announced last week during E3. It’s due for a spring 2013 release. Our preview of Blacklist can be found here.

Mike Ironside for Sam Fisher? Probably not.

Source: Deadline

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