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No such thing as a Left 4 Dead prequel, it was all a rumour

13 Jun 2012 by John Robertson
No such thing as a Left 4 Dead prequel, it was all a rumour

Last week there was a rumour going around that were working on a prequel to zombie-fest . Sadly, it turns that it was only a rumour after all.

The story was that (Payday: The Heist) were working on an unannounced Left 4 Dead game that would tell the story of how the zombie outbreak came to be. Valve have since snubbed the rumour:

“We’re trying to be a little coy and a little fun because we want the communities to discover it,” Valve’ Chet Falisek told PCGamesN, “but those guys are still making Payday: The Heist, we’re still making Left 4 Dead,” said Valve’s Chet Falisek.

Chet said that there is a collabration going on between Payday and Left 4 Dead but that it “is kind of akin to how in TF2 you might see some other games’ weapons get translated and put into that game. We’re doing something similar to that, but it’s a little bit more involved.”

Source: PCGN

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