Nintendo employees will vet Miiverse messages

7 Jun 2012  by   Peter Parrish
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To the surprise of no-one (we hope), Nintendo will not be allowing user-created messages to appear uncensored in the Wii U’s community ‘Miiverse’ space. The issue of offensive messages, crude drawings of dicks and generally abusive behaviour wasn’t addressed when Nintendo revealed the system during its E3 2012 press event, but it was probably one of the first things on the mind of anybody familiar with online ‘social spaces’.

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata has since confirmed that the company will approach the problem in the three ways. First, there’ll be an automated naughty word filter of some description, used to pick off the more obvious filthy missives. Second, actual human persons will be employed by Nintendo to manually vet posts and doodles for anything that might not exactly be family friendly.

Last of all, the community will be encouraged to police itself by reporting any messages it deems to be a touch on the abusive side.

The introduction of a human vetting process means messages won’t be appearing on Miiverse instantly, but will be subject to some sort of delay. Iwata isn’t exactly sure how long that delay would be (and, in fairness, it probably depends on the volume of posts being made at the time) but has stated that “I think 30 minutes should be acceptable”.

Source: LA Times

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