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Nintendo announces Wii Fit U

5 Jun 2012  by   Tim McDonald
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Nintendo has announced the Wii U’s own iteration of massively popular sweat-maker Wii Fit.

Imaginatively titled “Wii Fit U“, the game will make use of the Wii’s Balance Board and the Wii U controller to give you access to new features and abilities.

Three activities were shown in the brief trailer – a trampolining game in which you lean to try to hit the centre of the trampoline with each bounce; a sledding game in which you sit on the Balance Board and lean to control the sled; and a game seemingly involving a waterhose, with the Wii U controller aiming the nozzle while stepping one foot onto the Balance Board let you press down the “pedal.”

Oh, and Yoga’s back, of course.

Also new is a “fit meter”, which I’m guessing refers to the game tracking the kcals you’re burning off, to the extent that – if you go for a real-life run – you can apparently sync that up with the game so that it knows just how much you’ve exercised. Also: off-TV play, using the Wii U controller as a screen.

With 43 million copies of Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus sold globally, I suspect that this might do alright. That’s a lot of Wii Balance Boards out there, after all.

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