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Killer Freaks from Outer Space becomes ZombiU

4 Jun 2012 by Tim McDonald
Killer Freaks from Outer Space becomes ZombiU

’s Wii U title has been reworked into the grim-looking ZombiU.

A trailer at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference has shown the reworked title, and… well, the trailer has clearly been inspired by Dead Island‘s infamous cinematic teaser. The camera essentially pans through a still virtual diorama, depicting people being flung bloodily from buses, people trying to rescue their loved ones from zombies that are in the process of bloodily devouring them, people committing suicide due to contracting the zombie virus… and what looked like a Royal Guard decapitating a zombie with a bayonet attached to an assault rifle. All to the strains of God Save the Queen, no less.

That’s right: it’s set in London, during a zombie outbreak in 2012, and it looks suitably dark and apocalyptic. Just in time for the Jubilee!

ZombiU features a few unique mechanics to help it stand out from the crowd of zombie shooters. For one, every time you die, you end up taking control of a diffrent survivor – and you can track down and kill your previous character (now infected) to retrieve the equipment you had before.

As it’s a Wii U exclusive, it also makes use of the controller. The controller functions as the “Bug Out Bag” (or inventory) containing the maps, tools, weapons, and supplies that players have acquired. It also heavily features in the game’s competitive multiplayer mode, with the player on the Wii U controller becoming a sort of zombie strategist, able to spawn and order the zombies around, while a second player – playing on the TV, with a Wii classic controller – fends them off from a first-person perspective.

ZombiU is described as a first-person shooter survival horror title, and it’s due out exclusively for the Wii U at the system’s launch. We should have the trailer for you soon.

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