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Gran Turismo Vita mentioned in Sony survey

14 Jun 2012 by John Robertson
Gran Turismo Vita mentioned in Sony survey

has put forward the idea of appearing on the in a recent customer survey.

The survey says that the Vita edition of the racing simulator would share the same name as the PS3  and goes on to quiz those surveyed on further cross-platform titles and how that could possibly tie into PlayStation Plus membership.

From the survey (in reference to Gran Turismo on Vita):

“Knowing that you might be able to get a discount on the PS3 version of the game, how interested are you now in the PS Vita version?”

Further on in the questions, potential details as to how cross-platform purchasing could work is mentioned:

“Imagine that as part of PlayStation Plus, every time you bought a game on either PS3 or PS Vita, you would be entitled to get the game on the other console absolutely free. So, if you bought Resistance on PS Vita, you could download Resistance on PS3 for free. Or if you got FIFA on PS3, you could download the PS Vita version for free.”

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