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German consumer association takes action over Diablo 3

15 Jun 2012 by Paul Younger
German consumer association takes action over Diablo 3Diablo 3 Logo

The German consumer association, the vzbv, has today cautioned over ’s packaging description highlighting antitrust violations.

The German authorities are just the latest consumer protection outfit to get stuck into Blizzard after the game’s many problems with connectivity at launch and the online only requirement. The vzbv state that the packaging is unclear with regards to requiring an online connection to play the game in single player and that a Battle.Net account is required to play either single player or multiplayer.

Blizzard now have until the 13 July to appeal against the anti-trust violations.

Since the game launched, Blizzard has come under fire from both the Korean and French authorities after Blizzard failed to provide adequate server up-time for gamers.

The online only requirement has been a hot topic since it was announced last year with many Diablo players feeling that it was nothing more than badly disguised . There’s no doubt the move has proved very unpopular with some fans refusing to take the plunge with the sequel.

Source: Diablo: IncGamers

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