Further ZombiU features detailed

5 Jun 2012 by Tim McDonald
Further ZombiU features detailed

More ZombiU details have come out of ’s E3 conference.

lurched on stage to show off a trailer of the fascinating-looking ZombiU, this time explaining how the Wii U’s controller operates with the game.

The most obvious use is that of a touch-screen inventory, with the ability to select and use items by flicking them around with your fingers. It can also act as a sonar, showing the location of (we assume) nearby zombies.

More interesting are the other features, though: you can use it as a scanner, whereupon you hold the controller up to the screen and move it around to find and fiddle with items. You can use it to break free from zombies by shaking it around. You can use it to hack open doors by tapping the numbers on its virtual keypad, while keeping an eye on all the zombies around you on the main TV.

And, excellently, you can use it for sniping. Rather than holding down a button to shift into a scoped view, you can use the Wii U controller as the scope, and the TV as an unscoped view.

Considering ZombiU‘s other unique features – like taking control of a new character when you die, and being able to hunt down your previous zombified character to recover items – and its “One bite and you’re dead” feature, it’s actually looking really, really interesting.

With a bit of luck, we’ll have this trailer for you later on today.

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