Camilla Luddington named as the new Lara Croft

26 Jun 2012  by   Paul Younger
Camilla Luddington named as the new Lara CroftCamilla Luddington Tomb Raider

Camilla Luddington named as the new Lara Croft   Camilla Luddington 345x230

With the Tomb Raider series receiving a reboot, Square have been on the hunt for a new actress to play Lara.  The actress has now been chosen and it’s English-born Camilla Luddington who will taking on the role.

Some of you may know Camilla’s work from Californication and the current season of HBO’s True Blood. She was apparently picked for her “ depth of emotion and the youthful tone needed for Lara Croft”.

“This has been one of the most important jobs for us to get right,” said Darrell Gallagher, head of studio at Crystal Dynamics “‘This Tomb Raider game is very different to any other and we are demanding far more from the voice and performance acting than ever before as we take the franchise in a new direction.”

Tomb Raider will be back next year on 5 March.

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