Bug out with Lost Planet 3’s E3 trailer

4 Jun 2012 by Peter Parrish
Bug out with Lost Planet 3’s E3 trailer

Unfortunate utility rig worker Jim Peyton is the focus of this E3 2012 trailer for ’s . He thinks he’ll do a straightforward, steady construction job on the planet EDN III, get paid and then go home. Sadly for Jim, he doesn’t realise he’s the protagonist in a videogame.

The trailer shows Jim beset by a host of creepy-crawly insecticide aliens, as he tries to get out of his workplace alive. Luckily he does seem to have a giant mech to pilot, which should come in handy.

Lost Planet 3 is coming to Xbox 360, and in early 2013. Have a read of the IncGamers preview, here.

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