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A Game of Dwarves has a bedtime story for you [Video]

7 Jun 2012 by Peter Parrish
A Game of Dwarves has a bedtime story for you [Video]

Settle down children, because Paradox has crafted a lovely bedtime story just for you. It’s about a happy band of dwarves who live under the ground and have to gather resources to keep their community running smoothly. That is, until some mages show up and try to slaughter them all.

Right, sorry, should’ve mentioned this story isn’t appropriate for youngsters.

looks to be taking the Dwarf Fortress concept and squeezing in a spot of Dungeon Keeper, and rounding it off with a rather more friendly interface. You can expect to explore beneath the earth, expand your dwarven community, build all manner of items (both practical and decorative) and, in some modes, fight off monsters.

A Game of Dwarves is coming to the later this year.

Mine just below this sentence to enjoy the trailer and some new screenshots.

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