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Archive for 4 May 2012

Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition leaked

It seems that Techland’s zombie-island RPG Dead Island is getting a Game of the Year edition, according to a listing on the British Board of Film Classification’s website. 
Since it was first spotted, the BBFC has removed the listing.

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Analysts predict 3.5m Diablo 3 sales in 2012

Analysts have started their usual predictions regarding sales figures, this time with Diablo III which is due to launch later this month.

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50 Portal gun replicas going on sale at midnight EST tonight

NECA are putting another 50 Portal Gun’s up for pre-order tonight at midnight EST.

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Binary Domain PC [Review] – Robot rock

Binary Domain’s PC port is proving to be quite divisive. Glance at the Steam forums for the game and you’ll find ongoing wars between the people who want to throw Sega in a ditch because it’s the worst port ever and those who seem relatively satisfied.

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Awesomenauts [Review] – Not for kids

Awesomenauts, at first glance, could be written off as a by-the-numbers kiddie-game.

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Free Radical trio describe LucasArts as ‘psychopaths’

Former executives of UK-based Free Radical (since bought by Crytek and renamed Crytek UK) have claimed that LucasArts used “stalling tactics” in a bid to avoid paying the studio for work on Star Wars: Battlefront 3.

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Strictly Come Dancing gets its own game, world dies

I know, I know, it’s wonderful. Our prayers have been answered.

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Elder Scrolls Online gets teaser trailer [Video]

Earlier we posted some first screens from the new Elder Scrolls MMO which was offiicaly announced yesterday and this afternoon Bethesda has released a teaser trailer.

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Notch: EA are a bunch of cynical bastards

Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson has taken issue with a recently release EA Indie Bundle.

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Dirt Showdown inspired by Race Driver: Grid

Iain Smith, associate producer on Codemasters’ upcoming Dirt Showdown, has told us that the game is largely inspired by the success of a certain online mode in Race Driver: Grid.

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Elder Scrolls Online looks very MMO-ish, first screens leaked

Following yesterday’s official reveal that Bethesda and ZeniMax Media Online are working on The Elder Scrolls Online, an MMO set in the Elder Scrolls universe, the first images have found their way onto the web.

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Thatgamecompany to reveal new game this year

Thatgamecompany, the studio behind Flow, Flower and Journey, is planning on releasing their next game sometime this year. 
At present the company are deciding which publisher to plump for, with a decision said to be due “within the next month”, according to studio co-founder Jenova Chen.

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Diablo 3 Hero Planner Launches

Last night we launched the Beta test for the Diablo 3 Hero Planner.

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