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Archive for 9 April 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch 1.2 [Preview] – Altering the deal

Unequivocally, my favourite thing in the new patch for The Old Republic is Sprint being available from level 1.

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Shadowrun Returns will add new city at $1 million in funding

Shadowrun Returns has already exceeded its kickstarter aim of $400,000 USD (almost doubling it, in fact), so Jordan Weisman is now going through the additions his team can include with that extra money.

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Online CV hints at October release for GTA V

The LinkedIn profile and online CV (now taken down) of Rockstar North employee Alex O’Dwyer have offered hints that Grand Theft Auto V may be due for an October release date.

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German publication reveals Dark Souls for PC

IncGamers’ number one game of 2011, Dark Souls, is edging closer to a PC release.

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Convicts vs Nazis in Men of War: Condemned Heroes [Video]

1C’s latest entry in the Men of War series, Condemned Heroes, will be released in the UK on 20 April.

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First Defiance Gameplay on show [Video]

TRION Worlds are currently developing their SyFy channel TV tie-in MMO Defiance and until now all we have had is a teaser trailer which didn’t really show anything of the game.

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