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IncGamers Podcast #73

13 Mar 2012 by Paul Younger
Ron Carmel (of developer 2D Boy) has put together a week-long indie games promotion that will run from 24 May to 1 June. Dubbed 'Because We May', the campaign unites multiple independent developers who will all be discounting their games during that week. You only need to look at the Steam section of the campaign's site to see that quite a few decent games will be on offer. Titles of the calibre of Stacking, Frozen Synapse, Defcon, Super Meat Boy and World of Goo (2D Boy's own title) will all be available at some kind of discount. Precisely what level of discount seems not to have been decided upon, but no doubt it will have been before 24 May kicks the whole thing off. If PC games aren't to your liking, the promotion also covers a number of iOS, Android and Mac titles. "We believe that developers should have the freedom to price their games how they like", states the main 'Because We May' page. "Our games will be deeply discounted to celebrate online stores that give us control over pricing." Source: Image taken from Frozen Synapse

The IncGamers goes robo-loco as Tim shoots many robots in, err, , John tries out the equally metallic and Peter wishes he at least had some robotic companions in the often empty world of .

’s decision to lop off the Player-vs-Player portion of Diablo III comes under scrutiny, as does the “” day-one DLC from . We wonder what has got up its sleeve, and John reveals the horrifying torture publishers will inflict upon embargo-breakers.

Listen to the broadcast below, have your robo-butler nip over to iTunes, or watch on Youtube below or on our YouTube channel.

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